Want to Explore Anal Sex ?

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If you’re wondering about anal sex; you’re not alone. many women and men are nervous about trying it for the first time. No one wants a bad experience.

Often times, anal sex is thought of as a taboo, dirty, painful and awkward at best. But this is not always the case, anal sex can be a highly pleasurable with the right approach.

Before you start

Before we start off hygiene of the rear end is a must and  is also a simple fix. Basic washing with close attention to your anus will do the trick, for better cleansing anal douching is an effective method, alternatively it is also a good idea if your partner is wearing a condom during anal sex, it also makes it easier to clean up if any accidents occur.

Getting in the Mood

Warming up to the occasion and getting in the mood can surely make it easier. A sensual booty massage is a great way to help relax the bottom, At Kinki xo we stock a range of massage lotions and lubricants that can help before things get more heated.

Start getting in the mood with a bit of foreplay, allow your partner to finger your tight little butthole, or go even further with anal rimming, this can involve licking, sucking, kissing, and any other pleasurable acts that involves oral-to-anal contact, a sure way to get ready for more play.

Sex Toys are also a great way to ease into anal sex. Try using a small vibrator such as Sexy Things slimeline Vibe to stimulate the anus.

Butt plugs & Anal Beads are also great tools. Even the smallest of butt plugs work great to relax your anal entrance.  We have a selection of beginner’s training kits available in our vast collection.

Getting down to Business.

The first rule of anal penetration is plenty of lube, Generously dab lubricant on your butthole and his penis as well, this will make the penetration a much easier and smoother process. We stock a range of anal lubricants, why not try PJUR Back door Relaxing Lube.

Now, go in slow and have him stop when you need him too. Take deep breaths and try to relax your muscles; after a few moments, have him pull back out and re-lube up your bottom and his rod, going back in this time will be easier, however communicate to your partner and take little breaks when you need to, and start again when you feel comfortable. Don’t forget about the deep breaths. 

When you start to feel more comfortable, begin to move your hips and enjoy the feeling of him inside of you. Slowly  allow him to take control and have fun, keep the lubricant close at hand for reapplication.

Spice it up and add a clitoral vibrator or bullet, the pleasure you will get in this area will make it more enjoyable that  you will forget what’s going on backdoor.

Trying new sexual positions can be awkward, but by communicating with your partner and exploring new things will add a new dimension to your sex life and is well worth it.