Introducing a Sex Toy to your Partner

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Introducing a sex toy to the bedroom with your partner is not always an easy task. People are often worried about how one would ask for or introduce new sexual favours. Here are some tips that could help

Have the conversation

Start the conversation with your partner, a great time to do this is just after having intercourse, while laying in bed, getting your breath back. Why not ask him/her if they would like to try something new in the bedroom next time ? The question is guaranteed to be brought back to you, and you never know this is something perhaps your partner also wanted. It is important to talk and be open about it, so that both of your personal desires or fantasies can be discovered.

Choosing  a sex toy

Browsing online sex toys stores or even visiting to your local adult toy retailer together with your partner is the best way to do research to see what sex toys on the market is right for the both of you. The experience can be a little bit overwhelming as there are literally thousands of different sex toys to choose from. 

  • Pick something fun that’s basic and simple to use. It might turn your partner off by using a complicated toy. 
  • Pick something that interests both you and your partner and that will bring you both pleasure
  • Be flexible. The first toy of choice might not have brought on the excitement you thought it would, that’s fine, it just might not be for you, put it aside and try something different. Everybody reacts differently and has different needs, so you might not find the right toy right away.

Be patient

Your partner has agreed to your needs to try the sex toy with you, however there is the slightest chance they may change their mind or be too nervous. Remember to be respectful and don’t force it to happen, they just need a bit of time. Remember introducing a sex toy into the bedroom is something to spice up and enhance your sex life and increase your mutual pleasure, wheather or not the sex toy makes it into bed with the both of you, at least the sex is stil there !