Handy Tips for Anal Sex

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Anal Tip #1 – Use Lube, lots of lube, anal lube works best, Do not use numbing lube !

Anal Tip #2 – Makeup sure your nails are well trimmed and filed, and if using toys. Do not put anything up your anus that has sharp edges or that can break.

Anal Tip #3 – Only use sex toys that are designed for anal play

Anal Tip #4 – Take It Slow

Anal Tip #5 – Don’t stick in the vagina if it’s just been in the anus, This includes fingers, penises and sex toys, wash them first !

Anal Tip #6 – People who have had anal intercourse should still get checked for sexually transmitted infections

Anal Tip #7 – Never have anal sex unless your anus is in 100% good health