H2O MAXXX Lubricant Gel Disc Cap 8.5oz/250ml



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ELBOW GREASE H2O MAXXX Lubricant Gel Disc Cap 8.5oz/250ml

H2O MAXXX is a water based unscented, long lasting formula that feels like silicone and washes away quickly with water.

It is odourless, non sticky and latex friendly as well as being tasteless.

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Water Based Lubricant


Elbow Grease

Offering a new, odorless, thick massage cream that met multiple challenges, it quickly gained—and has retained—a top-choice position in the hearts, minds and fantasies of people around the world.

Formulated by B. Cumming Company, Elbow Grease Original Cream was created by players for players who had first-hand, intimate knowledge of their craft.  In those days, Elbow Grease literally went door to door, sharing samples armed only with a Damron’s guide, a street map and their superior product.

Today, Elbow Grease deliver a comprehensive line of products around the globe to satisfy the needs of discriminating men and women who demand the best massage cream that money can buy.